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Critical Illness Plans

HEART ATTACK!                   CANCER!                                   STROKE!

-Those three words can change your life forever-

Plan for the unimaginable

The cost of fighting and surviving a critical illness could amount to much more than you can imagine. Critical Illness Coverage pays cash directly to you, allowing you to use the cash any way you need to. In the midst of your rising Medical costs with a critical illness (deductible and coinsurance, out-of-network costs), your personal and everyday costs will still be a constant as well. Critical Illness coverage can help you cover costs such as your car payments, mortgage, household bills, gas, food, childcare arrangements, and those high medical deductible and coinsurance amounts.

Critical Illness plans provide a lump-sum benefit for covered critical illnesses.

Please contact us today and we will help you find the most beneficial coverage for your circumstances. Product brochures and quotes available upon request.

Fast Facts:

62% of personal bankruptcies are linked to medical problems*

60% of costs for fighting cancer may be non-medical**

*American Journal of Medicine, August 2009

**American Cancer Society, 2008